Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation

Matrix Labour Leasing can help put in place robust Workers’ Compensation Board insurance programs that thoroughly cover your company and its workers. We can also institute risk management programs and help manage the claims for your company, to make sure your WCB premiums remain low and your business doesn’t find itself at risk for costly litigation. Our highly trained analysts have extensive experience dealing with WCB and can be counted on to make sure your company is protected.

For more information on how we can remove your WCB headache and help you focus more on growing your business instead of micromanaging it, contact us today. 

Keeping You — and Your Employees — Fully Covered

Matrix Labour Leasing has extensive experience developing and instituting Workers' Compensation Board programs that are fully compliant with all the regulations of a given jurisdiction. Our programs also protect everyone involved, whether it be the company or its employees. Not having a compliant or robust Workers' Compensation Board program in place can cause your company unnecessary costs should an incident take place where one of your workers is injured. It can also lead to costly litigation, fractured relationships, and ultimately, the demise of your company.

Stopping Injuries Before They Happen

Our risk management services help stop injuries before they even happen. By conducting a thorough risk management survey across your operations, we can identify potential areas or instances where injuries may occur. We will then work with your company to mitigate these risks or eliminate them entirely, helping you avoid a situation where your WCB premium increases due to an on-site injury. Our friendly staff will conduct interviews and observe the normal day-to-day work your employees execute to prepare their report, then we'll sit down with you and identify the major risks inherent with your operation. From there we'll work with you to come up with mitigation solutions so the risks don't turn into something worse.

Helping Manage Claims the Right Way

Knowing how to handle a Workers' Compensation Board claim in the right way can save your business a lot of money in the long run. Our claims analysts will provide you with the information and guidance you need to make sure a worker's claim is handled in the best way for your business and employee. With our expert advice, you'll be able to make the right legal, ethical, and financial decision when managing any claims that should arise. 

Let Us Help Protect Your Company and its Workers

Contact us today to find out more on how Matrix Labour Leasing can help protect your company and its workers through our robust Workers' Compensation Board insurance programs and risk management services. 

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